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The Peregrine Chick:
Last year I did a major revision of the permissions categories so that I could provide folks with more options - observations, social zone, chatters, classroom, etc, etc.  This year I have gone through all the accounts to determine who had been inactive for two years (we remove inactive accounts after two years) and to update who is a falcon fan and phanatic.

So for those wondering ...

Falcon Fan - member for at least 1 year + 10 to 49 posts on the observation threads
Phanatic - member for at least 2 years + a minimum of 50 posts on the observation threads

(posts on the social threads or chatters threads do not count toward post counts)

The upgrade to Falcon Fan and Phanatic is done manually and I generally only get around to doing it once, maybe twice a year ...

Hey KDR33, on the Main page,12.0.html there is a Social Zone topic near the bottom.  Members of the forum only.
Sorry TPC, please move this wherever we need to be.

Social zone?  Never heard of it....  ???

KDR33, I hope you have discovered the social zone on the forum, for members and phanatics to hang out?

The Phanatics are the members who joined when the forum first began.  We became addicted quickly to the Peregrines so had to be called Phanatics!
I think that we very affectionately call anyone who loves to hang out here a phanatic,  though only some have the official label.


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