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The Peregrine Chick:
The Peregrine Room & Daily Chatter

We know that most of our members are interested in a little non-peregrine-related chat but we also know that some of our members, due to geographic distance primarily, use the Forum as their primary means of keeping in touch with friends far away.  

To accommodate both needs, we will have two social boards:

* The Peregrine Room - for light social chat and information sharing
* Daily Chatter - for more social chat - participation is optional!
Reading/posting on the new Daily Chatter board is optional but you must email your full name and your Forum username to peregrinechick [at] and I will update your profile to allow access.  If you wish to unsubscribe at any time, just email me and I will be happy to update your profile.

For members not interested in participating in Daily Chatter, the board will not appear in the Social Zone when you visit and will not show as "unread" if/when you use the "Show unread posts since last visit" link.

By establishing two separate boards, the Project hopes to be able to meet the needs of all its members.  The Project however reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary when and how it deems them necessary.

All of The Rules continue to be in effect and we encourage everyone to review them ...
Click here to review The Rules

The Peregrine Chick:
The Social Zone

The Social Zone of the Manitoba Falcon Cam Forum has made some changes to accommodate the varying levels of interest among our members.  Just to recap, and in order of importance:

1.  The Forum was established to support the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project's recovery efforts by providing a forum for the Project to share information about their activities, provide updates on our peregrines and to field questions from the public.

2.  The Forum is a place for peregrine fans around the world to be able to follow and learn about other peregrine initiatives like ours around the world.

3.  Recognizing that the peregrine community is relatively small and that friendships are very strong within this community, the decision has been made to provide a place for peregrine fans to meet socially online.  

The Peregrine Chick:
The Rules

These rules are based on the "be nice or your can't play in the sandbox" theory of community behaviour.  They apply to everything on this Forum - topics, boards, posts and private messages.

Moderators can be reached via email at forum @ or via private message on the Board.


We will have Falcon Cam viewers of all ages coming to, and participating in, this Forum.  For that reason, the Forum has a PG-13 rating in language and material.

No comments on other poster's spelling. Period.

No spam, flaming, baiting or snarking.  If you don't know what those terms mean, chances are you won't be doing any of them.

No reprimanding other posters.  You have a problem, you contact the Moderators

With the exception of classrooms and parents with children, one account per poster.  Multiple accounts will be deleted.  If you think you have multiple accounts, contact the Moderators.  Do not use someone else's login or lend yours out.  It will get you both deleted from the Forum.

Posting Rules

Try to keep posts on topic and in the correct sections on the "Questions & Answers" Boards.  In the "Social Zone" we will be a bit more flexible.  If posts are in the wrong place or if they deserve their own Board, the Moderators will be move them without notice.

Do not carry posts from other sites to here.  If you'd like to summarize some information that directly relates to conversations currently on the Forum, that's fine. 

All advertising will be deleted on site.  The definition of advertising is at the discretion of the Moderators.  This Forum is to support the CBC Manitoba/Shaw Falcon Cam and the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project's activities.  If you have a link that you think might be applicable, email or private message one of the Moderators for approval.

Signatures, Photo Attachments and Avatars

Because this is a new site the avatar and attachment functions have been disabled until we see how much space we need and how much traffic we get.  If it is possible, we will enable these functions at a later time.   Signatures, if  you want one, should be text only and the limits are specified in the Profile section of your account. 

Moderator Actions

The Rules of this Forum are the sole responsibility of the Adminstrator and will be changed as the need arises and as this Forum evolves. 

The primary function of the Moderators is to enforce these Rules.  If necessary, Moderators will try to help resolve issues between members.

The Administrator/Moderators reserve the right to delete anything they choose, at any time, without notice. 

Any correspondence with the Administrator/Moderator will be kept confidential as it relates to the Rules and/or the actions of the Moderators.  If you are unsure why a post was deleted or edited, please contact the Moderators. 

If you disagree with a Moderator's actions, please contact the Moderator first via private message.  If there continues to be a problem, the Administrator will have the final say in all disputes.

Willful or repeated infractions of the Rules will result in the poster being removed from the Forum.  Please don't make us do this.

The Rules will be reviewed and revised as and when necessary. 


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