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The Peregrine Chick:

The Peregrine Chick:
Finally we have confirmation that a) Annie is still the resident male at the Bank of the West in Fargo and b) that his current mate is Fleming from West Winnipeg.


* 2010 wild-hatch of Beau & Jules (their first nest together) from the West Winnipeg nestbox.  Both Beau & Jules were captive-bred birds that were subsequently released - Jules hatched in 2006, Beau in 2009.
* Annie took over the Fargo nestsite from long-time male, Dakota Ace, father of number of birds that came to nest in Manitoba or with Manitoba birds elsewhere including:

* Holly (Brandon) - nested with Zeus & Screech (both from Brandon) = Terminator (Grand Forks), Brooklyn (McKenzie Seeds), Chaos (Saskatoon)
* Katherine (Logan) - nested unsuccessfully with Cowboy (from Brandon) but established the Logan nestsite
Bear (Grand Forks) - nested with Terminator, daughter of Holly
Roosevelt (Grand Forks) - nested with Terminator (from Brandon) = Smiley (Radisson), Alice (Brandon Tower), Walsh (Moorhead MN)
Russert - has nested with an unbanded female named Skander since 2013 but have only been successful a couple of times
Sandy - visited the Radisson in the autumn of her hatch year
Jolicoeur (Logan) - nested with Cowboy (from Brandon) & Hart (from Radisson) = Sundance (Fidler), Pip (Radisson), Squeak (Edmonton), Elizabeth (hung south of the Radisson for 2 years), Jennifer (identified this year, may be nesting)

* Andamooka the resident female at the Regina City Hall is Annie' sister (from Beau's & Jules' last nest together). 
* Annie is the father of Marv who has been the resident male in Grand Forks since 2014;

* 2017 wild-hatch of Ty and Faith from the West Winnipeg nestbox.  Ty is 2009 wild-hatch from the Radisson (one of Princess' & Trey's kids - he's from their last nest together) and Faith is from the 2013 nest at Greysolon Plaza in Duluth MN.
* Fleming was identified in North Dakota last year (I believe in Fargo) and though the band couldn't be read last year at banding, the banding team was 99% sure it was a black band on the female, so likely, this is Fleming's second year in Fargo.
* Tilley was Fleming's sister - she was found dead this May when Phoenix was rescued.
Since we believe that Fleming was Annie's mate in 2019, Willow who turned up this year at the Legislative Building in Regina would be their offspring.  Willow hatched in Fargo in 2019.[/list]


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