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The Peregrine Chick:
New story from North Dakota -

Nothing wrong with the reporter but I'm not sure the Audubon Dakota rep knows much about peregrines based on his replies.  Perhaps he was pitch-hitting for the person who is the expert.  These are the folks who have successfully/unsuccessfully run the camera in Fargo the last few years.  I haven't ever been able to get them to respond to queries about the birds, nest, cam or anything so I'm afraid I don't have any knowledge of them or their operations ... well other than they are not good at responding to information requests and in this case, don't seem to particularly invested in finding out if Annie is injured or not - even if they can't do anything about it.  But maybe I'm being too harsh and they are working on it as we speak ... time will tell I guess.

The Peregrine Chick:

--- Quote from: carly on June 20, 2017, 15:20 ---Oh no  :'( :'(

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Don't panic yet, heard back from one of my contacts and they are as undecided as I am about the report so hang in there ... :)

Oh no  :'( :'(

The Peregrine Chick:
RCF found a note about Annie maybe having injured his foot in Fargo.  Information is a bit brief though ...

One of KFGO - Fargo's nesting peregrine falcons injured - survival in doubt  

RCF will undoubtedly be keeping an eye out for more information in the media (she finds them very quickly) and I have a couple of emails out to folks I know who might have information or might even be able to check on him for us.

More information as we have it ...

The Peregrine Chick:
Bit more information, apparently there were a pair here and it looked like they were setting up shop at the right time this spring ... but since then, all we've been able to glean is that Annie is there now, about the time that there should be chicks to band.  Miracle his mate from previous years is in Moorhead MN with Walsh now, so if Annie has another ladyfriend, we have no information on her. 

I've got a couple more contacts to check with, might have a bit more information later ....


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