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Re: Beatrix Rescued in Texas
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Thanks for catching/finding this Carly!  I've emailed the Rogers Wildlife Centre and will call them tomorrow as well.  Will post an update once I've got something to report.

As for why the confusion about the band number - it is usually because of the bisecting line in the middle, folks who report band numbers tend to just focus on the numbers/letters and ignore the line.  Fortunately there aren't many birds with "line" bands anymore.  We have a fair whack because we don't band many birds so our line bands were spread out over a number of years.  Yet another reason we take photos of our bands.

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Tracy, sent you a PM.  Rogers Wildlife (Texas) rescued a female peregrine banded sideways *Y/4 and someone found that band sequence in the database and it showed an Ontario bird from 1999.

Edit to add:  It's Beatrix!!!!!  I knew I knew that band, I just searched your site here to coonfirm!

However just now the rehab centre posted this:

I just got off the phone with the banding office and got the info on our Peregrine. She was banded when she was too young to fly on 6-16-2011 in Manitoba, Canada. When I went back to look at her today I could only be amazed at all the many, many miles she's flown, what she's seen, and all the perils she's overcome. She could have ended up anywhere, but the universe sent her to us. So now, it's up to us to do what is needed to get this remarkable lady back in the air to continue her life's journey.

Here is their facebook page - details and photos of her on page:
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