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Bank of the West
Fargo, North Dakota


It took a number of years of valiant effort to get the Fargo cam up and running consistently, but it has been worth the effort, now the camera has a great image and has been running without major problems for the last couple of years.  There is lots of interaction between the Manitoba birds and North Dakota birds - we have visiting chicks from ND, Holly a former resident female in Brandon was from Fargo and a great-grandkid of the Radisson pair named Goldie (hatched in Omaha, Nebraska) was the Dakota Ace's mate in 2001.  In 2013, Annie from West Winnipeg took over from Mr X as the resident male.

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Resident Pairs

* 2013 - Annie & Miracle --> Marv (m), Boston (f), Aurora (f) & Discover (f)
* 2012 - Mr X & Miracle --> National Champion (m)
* suspect Mr X was the male hanging out west of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in 2013
* 2011 - Dakota Ace & Miracle --> Lone Ranger (m)
* 2010 - Dakota Ace & Miracle --> Govenor (m), Peace (m) & Jolicoeur (f)
* Jolicoeur paired with Cowboy in Winnipeg from 2012-2013
* 2009 - Dakota Ace & Miracle --> Harrison (m), Crest (m) & Sandy (f)
* Sandy has visited the Radisson in Winnipeg frequently and tried unsuccessfully to supplant Princess in 2012
* 2008 - Dakota Ace & Miracle --> Duke (m), Russert (m) & Audrey Jean (f)
* 2007 - Dakota Ace & Frieda --> Davis (m), Roosevelt (m), Dori (f) & Lola (f)
* Roosevelt paired with Brandon's Terminator in Grand Forks after Bear - 2009-2011
* 2006 - Dakota Ace & Frieda --> Hunter (m), Freedom (m) & Prairie Rose
* 2005 - Dakota Ace & Frieda --> Bear (m), Scout (m), Sheyenne (f) & Katherine (f)
* Bear paired with Brandon's Terminator in Grand Forks in 2008 & Katherine paired (unsuccessfully) with Cowboy in Winnipeg in 2011
* 2004 - Dakota Ace & Frieda --> Prairie Flyer (m) & Hooligan Ace (m)
* 2003 - Dakota Ace & Frieda --> Lewis (m), Clark (m), Dakotah (m) & Holly (f)
* Holly paired with Zeus in Brandon from 2004 to 2008
* 2001 - Dakota Ace & Goldie --> Fargo (m), Copper (f) & Cash (f)
* Goldie is the daughter of Winnipeg's Winnie a resident female in Omaha, Nebraska
* another little Manitoba connection - though not necessarily related, Miracle and the father of the Radisson's resident female Princess (his name was Lightning) were both hatched at the Sherco Plant.  Their mothers were definitely different but their fathers might be the same as he was never identified and they were hatched just a few years apart.


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