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2012 - Kinderchicklets / Thank you and Happy Holidays!
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2012, 20:16 »
As you know, Tracy, yesterday was the Kinderchicklet's very last day of school for the 2011-12 school year. Of course, they were all very excited about starting their summer holidays and are looking forward to going to Grade One in the fall. But a few of them were feeling a little bit sad to be "fledging" from Kindergarten. They have had a wonderful school year, full of lots of learning and have especially learned a lot about peregrine falcons this year, thanks to you, TPC as well as our peregrine falcon friends in Orange, NSW, Australia.

The Kinderchicklets wanted me to say "thank you" to you, Tracy, for taking the time to answer all of their questions and especially for popping in to visit them at school this past Wednesday morning. :-* Both myself and the 'chicklets can only imagine how very busy you are, looking after all of our Manitoba peregrine falcons so it was a real treat to be paid a visit by you, to answer a few of their questions in person. They also want me to say "thank you" for the very special, shiny, golden, peregrine falcon pins that you gave to each of them when you visited their classroom. The following day, several of the 'chicklet's parents expressed to me how very excited their children were, that you had visited with them and brought such a beautiful pins to give to each one of them!

And in an e-mail to me from Skye's mom, she remarked that Skye in Grade One was just bursting with excitement when she returned home from school on the day you had visited with her, Tracy. Apparently, she has not put down her Bird Fandex since Wednesday and I would not be surprised to hear that she sleeps with it. ;) In fact, Skye and I were looking at her Bird Fandex together and she became really excited when she discovered the Fandex Index at the back! 8)

I also want to say "thank you" to Dennis, for posting so many wonderful photos of peregrine falcons (and other birds) that I could share with my Kinderchicklets. Your exquisite photos helped to support their education about peregrine falcons and other birds, as well. :-*

Thank you to Dr. Bob, for your banding skills and to Larry, the behind-the-scenes camera man, for once again helping to provide such amazing webcam viewing. :-* And of course, thank you to CBC and Shaw!