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Re: Waiting Patiently
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2010, 13:12 »
Hey Kinderchick & the Kinderchicklets!

Welcome back to the Forum and happy Spring to you too!  Doesn't feel like Spring out there right now does it?  It was nice earlier this week but yesterday and today its just so cold with the winds.  Everyone here at the Peregrine Project is watching and waiting for our peregrines to return but no sign of them yet!  Sometimes they arrive this early, but usually it is closer to the end of the month.  Last year, Princess and Trey came home at the same time on March 23rd, the year before, Princess came home on the 17th but Trey didn't come home until the 31st.  Don't know what will happen this year but we are watching and waiting and hoping they will be home very soon!

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2010 - Kinderchicklets / Waiting Patiently
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2010, 19:28 »
With Easter just around the corner, the 2010 Kinderchicklets have begun to learn about bunnies and chicks and all kinds of "Spring Things" that happen in nature, including the return of Princess and Trey, our resident Peregrine Falcons. We can't wait for a Peregrine Falcon sighting in Winnipeg and for the CBC Falcon Cam to be turned on, so that we can watch with delight, the miracle of baby birds hatching from eggs! :D